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Federal Crimes

A strong defense against federal investigation and prosecution requires an attorney who has the experience and skill to navigate you through the federal criminal justice system. John McNamara has represented individuals under investigation and prosecution in federal court throughout the United States, with great success.

You need every advantage possible to fight against the vast resources and manpower of the United States government. You attorney must be well-versed in the complexities of the United States Sentencing Guideline. Federal prosecutions are quite different than state prosecutions and require an attorney knowledgeable in federal law and procedure.

John McNamara understands federal prosecutions and can identify weaknesses or other loopholes in the government’s case. Whether in the Northern District of Illinois or throughout the United States, he has the ability to successfully represent those facing federal charges such as:

Drug cases – including narcotics trafficking or importation, drug conspiracy charges, racketeering and forfeiture cases
Immigration law violations
Mail fraud
Wire fraud
Bank robbery
Gun and weapons offenses
Child pornography
Identity Theft
Band fraud
Bankruptcy fraud
Money laundering

A strong defense against these charges is especially important in light of the serious penalties many federal offenses carry. John McNamara is known for his thorough preparation and the individual attention he provides to each of his clients. Beginning with a law enforcement or grand jury investigation, an arrest, a criminal complaint filed by a federal agency, a federal grand jury indictment, or at any stage of a federal criminal case, John McNamara is there to protect his clients’ rights. At detention hearing, preliminary hearing, or bond hearing, he works to secure his clients’ release from custody. John McNamara understands federal criminal law and is adept at formulating creative defense strategies. At trial, he offers persuasive arguments on behalf of his clients. From the early stages of a case through trial, he has achieved favorable results for clients facing federal charges time and time again.